The Best Government Money Can Buy

Yes our fine elected officials should have patches to show who has bribed them, whoops, I mean “campaign contributors.”


An Honest Politician

The lobbyists and the large corporations are killing the country.

I first knew we were in trouble many many years ago while in college.  We had to take a class on civics and the government.  It was taught by a member of the Oregon Legislature.  The theory was that we would “get the inside scoop from a real lawmaker.”  In a way they were correct, but not in the way that I think they intended.

The Representative explained how great Lobbyists were  and how the Lobbyists saved a lot of work and thinking for Legislators.  The Lobbyists brought in pro and con position papers for the Legislators and presto change oh – no research or thinking is needed, just pick from the position papers, no real research and thinking needed!!

It was at this moment I knew we were doomed.

Lobbyists say that all they get for the bribes, campaign contributions, is access to a Legislator.

Well what if someone can’t afford the price of admission?  As most anyone knows that if just one side of an argument is presented that most anything can be made to sound reasonable.  So now those that are poor, not a member of an organized group, not rich enough to buy access can now be excluded from representation.

So now who will speak for those that have no voice?  What Legislator has an incentive to investigate anything?  Don’t forget any elected official must raise a lot of money for their campaigns, in some cases millions and millions of dollars.  What incentive is there for an elected official to seek out those that can’t afford to contribute to their campaign?

Town Hall?  Remember how the Tea Baggers disrupted the Democratic Legislator’s meetings?

As the old adage goes, “follow the money” or “show me the money.”  Take a look at how any elected official voted and their large campaign contributors, almost a 100% tracking.  Just coincidence?  I doubt it.

Now with the Citizens United “decision” by the activist Robert’s Supreme Court that corporations are people and can give unlimited money to run advocacy adds.  Now politicians live in fear that some nameless multi-national corporation will drop several million dollars in negative adds in the weeks before an election.  Remember the Robert’s court has never met a Corporate position that it did not like.

Need proof?  Well look back at the “Healthcare Debate” over 60% of the US were in favor of Universal Single Payer Medical Coverage, along the line of Medicare or the Veterans Administration medical coverage for Veterans, and Single Payer was not even talked about, in fact at Senate hearings several people showed up to protest against not even talking about Single Payer and they were arrested.   The “Health Care” bill was passed and Medical Insurance stocks did not go down, so there will be no adverse effect on earnings.  Real reform.

Feel better now?

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