Tax Breaks Kill Promotions


Last week I was talking to a friend about how things were going at work.   She works for a large company and said the promotions from inside the company had been frozen.  OK, given the current state of the economy this was not surprising.  But the real reason for the promotion freeze was a surprise.  The company gets a tax break for hiring the long term unemployed.  So they are hiring a pile of people that have been out of work for a long time, not really qualified, and the new hires are now gumming up the works.

The people that have been busting their ass for years to get a promotion are now frozen out, crapped on and their hard work is in effect being laughed at, AND they now have to pick up the slack for the new hires that don’t know what they are doing.

Way to treat people.

When are we going to realize that until new jobs are created all that we are doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?   There is one big difference, the Titanic had more lifeboats than we do and there were other ships on the way to help.

The RepubliCON position?  More borrowing from your kids and grandkids for Billionaires.

The current attitude is tough luck.  Big tax breaks were given to companies to move jobs overseas.  Just deal with it.  So what. 

And one meathead called a talk show yesterday convinced that MORE TAXBREAKS were required for companies to bring jobs back. 

How about we just get rid of the tax breaks that encourage companies to send jobs overseas.  How about fair trade?  Equal tariffs.  A REAL buy American campaign.  Maybe the State and Federal government should only buy made in America.

We are rapidly reaching the point where we will let people die from starvation in our country.  I did not think that I would see that during my lifetime in the US.

Feel richer now?

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