The End of Our Country as I Knew It

The End of Our Country as I Knew It

Everyone has an opinion as to what is wrong with our country and when and what went wrong.  To many it was the election of a B grade actor as president, others blame the peanut farmer, and then there was the selection 5 to 4 of Shrub or little Bush by the Supremes.

The final confirmation to me occurred two nights ago while standing in line at the grocery store.  The guy ahead of me was buying two bags of marshmallows to roast, how did I know he was going to roast them you ask, since he never said a word about the use of the marshmallows?

It was the FOUR MARSHMALLOW ROASTING STICKS he was also buying.  Yes four wooden sticks about three feet long and 1/4 inch in diameter, a package of 4 for $ 2.99.

What has happened to our country?  When I was a kid we just found a green stick from a tree and sharpened the end with our pocket knife and away we went, no stick or tree with long thin branches?  No problem, just take a wire coat hanger and straighten it out and scrape the paint off one end and good to go.

Don’t we have trees with good roasting branches?  What happened to the good old multi-use wire coat hanger?

Maybe it has something about today if you carry a pocket knife in the wrong area you might be called a Terrorist and go to jail.  I have also noticed that not everyone carries a pocket knife today, and many don’t seem to even know what one is.

What has happened?  Are there no Boy Scouts, Uncles, Dads or Grandfathers any more?  Heck my Grandmother could trim a mean marshmallow stick.

What have we lost from our heritage?  Sitting around the fire or the fireplace and roasting marshmallows with friends and relatives?  OK if you live in a condo or apartment house lighting a fire on the balcony might upset the neighbors a bit.

But what have we lost as a society, as a country that we can’t make our own marshmallow roasting sticks?  Has the last of our heritage been killed?  Maybe off-shored?  Bred out of our soul, like docile sheep going the the slaughter house.

Yes, the end of our country as I knew it, 4 sticks for $ 2.99.


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