Wallace, Idaho – Doctors, Vets and Pets

A friend in Montana sent me this gem about Wallace, Idaho.  No Photoshop.

Some years ago (2002?) we ran into this place in Wallace Idaho. Having mentioned this to several many people over the ensuing years, I found a range of responses, let’s say from polite skepticism to blatant cries of bullshit. Yesterday I found some   photos (and I have the stinkin negatives). The pictures speak for themselves.

We were in Wallace last summer and the place is sadly no more. Now Aunt Tillie will have to make separate appointments for herself and Yappy.

Wallace Idaho - Doctor - Family Pratice - Vet

Wallace Idaho – Doctor – Family Practice – Vet

FAMILY PRATICE, Companion Animal Pratice

Wallace Idaho - Famil Practice and Pets

Wallace Idaho – Family Practice Doctor and Pets

Medical Office Hours, 9am – 5pm, Closed Saturdays, Dr. hrs by appt. only

Pets anytime, People require an appointment.


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One Response to Wallace, Idaho – Doctors, Vets and Pets

  1. Sharon Pitt says:

    hello do this place sell dogs i live in wallace idaho about two block away from the vet

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