Quartering the Sandwich

You ever been to one of those Sub sandwich shops that make the Foot Long Whatever’s?  They normally divide the sandwich Foot Long  into two 6 inch parts (halves).  That they seem to get that right most of the time, that is also how they get the 6 inch sub roll.

Well, from time to time I need smaller pieces.  The smaller pieces idea seem to short circuit the whole process.

Well at least the Mayo is on the Inside

The last two times I have had the “cut into 4 pieces please” I had the following results:

4 inch – 2 1/4 inch – 3 inch – 2 1/2 inch
4 inch – 2 1/4 inch – 2 1/8 inch – 4 inch

Well at least they were able to count to 4.  This makes me wonder what school and parents are teaching kids today.

Maybe next time I will ask for “cut into 3 pieces please” and see what happens.  Any bets on 2 – 4 – 6?

And we have not begun to address the other “features,” more Mayo on the outside of the sandwich than inside, cutting the bread so the top only reaches half way across the top, leaving big gaps so there is no meat in parts of the sandwich, sort of humorous in a way.

Oh, the secret?  Divide in half twice, i.e. cut in middle for two 6 inch pieces, then divide the 6 inch pieces in half.  Your eye seems to like dividing in half over calculating the length to properly cut into quarters when starting from one end.

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3 Responses to Quartering the Sandwich

  1. John O says:

    You mean you don’t carry a micrometer, tape measure, scratch all, markalot and Japanese marking knife at all times? Perhaps a template? I know – a story stick!

  2. mike says:

    A story stick sounds like a great idea, but if I write much of a story on the stick it would be bigger than the sandwich unless I write real small.

  3. Michael Wurm says:


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