Collect all the Bandzzzz!!

Take a few rubber band like things in funny colors and shapes,  call them”Groooovy Bandzzzz” and instant collector item.  Multi-colored rubber band like things in the shape of animals.  Collect all 12 sets, only $ 3.99 for a pack of 24.  Lets see sucker, 12 sets @ $ 3.99 each is ONLY $ 47.88 or only $ 0.166 each Bandzzzz.  Now I ask you, when was the last time you looked at the shape of a rubber band after you put it around something?  How many of you push rubber bands around on your desk and make funny animal noises?  Engineers from Boeing don’t answer that one.

So who gets the cheers and jeers?  The person that thought this whacko thing up, the person that hand them made and imported them, the purchasing agent that bought them for the big box office store or the nut case that buys them?  What makes the appeal?  How about the mark-up?  Has to be a killer at $ 3.99 for 24 Bandzzzz.  Not the first bright bands to hold things together, regular bright colored bands are in virtually every office supply section of stores.

So what does this tell us about us and our country?  Yet another indicator of the end of the country as I knew it.

Can this trend be reversed?  Is there hope? Is this like a burning bush on the mount? No, No, Yes.

More proof positive that the end is near.


PS: When I went to the store to take pictures of the Bandzzzz, I ask the person at the checkout stand if I could please take the pictures, she looked at me with that look normally reserved for someone that is totally crazy.  She was totally short circuited and had not a clue what to do, totally flummoxed.  She had to call a manager to find out what to do about me.  The manager to his credit told me I could go ahead and take the pictures.  They shut down the checkout line and the original checker moved way way away from where I was taking the pictures.

– – – 30 – – –

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3 Responses to Collect all the Bandzzzz!!

  1. John O says:

    This reminds me of the 4 marshmellow roasting sticks for $4.95 (if I recall) The wienie rosting sticks being the far more robust were probably $6.95.

    You should start a blog ” WTF are you doing?”

  2. mike says:

    Received this observation from a friend a few days ago:

    Howdy Mike,

    Wouldn’t you know it, tonight at dinner my son (age 11, 6th grade), brought up the subject of the animal shaped rubber bandzz that all the kids are bringing into his school. I almost told him that I hoped they’d been shop lifted, that no one was stupid enough to have bought them. I pointed him toward your blog, but alas he is already smitten by the idea of the animal shaped bandzz reinforced now with the power of peer pressure. See why I prefer to live in Alaska?

    Blog on, Steve

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