Heck of a Job Brownie FEMA and Katrina

I was listening today to Heck of a Job Brownie (HJB or Brownie) on the Thom Hartman program with guest host David Sirota   and Brownie was explaining yet again that a single governor stopped the Federal FEMA aid response to Katrina while New Orleans drowned.

The story went that Governor Blanco stopped the aid in it’s tracks and refused the Federal help.

So let me get this straight, the Decider Guy and his legal team were completely stopped by one person.  The same “legal” team that junked the Geneva Accords, declared Waterboarding “legal,” and invaded two countries illegally was not able to work around one lowly Democratic Governor.  Really?  Is this for true?  Stop the presses, I am amazed.  All of the power of the Federal government was stopped.

So if we want to get out of Afghanistan or Iraq we just need to get a Democratic governor to just declare “leave now” and we are gone!  Gitmo – “Closed now!”

Simple, we have just been doing this wrong, talking to the wrong people, getting the wrong declarations signed.

So – do we believe Brownie and the Decider Guy?  Remember the ICS (Incident Command System) that FEMA used was designed to be flexible and scalable to respond rapidly to changing conditions, ICS is why your fire department can get more equipment to a big fire quickly.  ICS when used by people that know what they are doing is very flexible and works very well.


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