The Gas Pump

The Gas Pump

During the Christmas break I traveled to visit relatives.  I stopped for gas at on town that I have been stopping at for decades.  Like virtually all gas stations now it was a pay before you can pump gas.  I paid for the gas then filled the tank, cleaned the headlights, windows and bought a candy bar.

I got to talking to the attendant about the changes in gas stations over the years.  The station had lost something like $ 1,600 the last month that they had not been 100% prepay.  And the loss was from something like 3 or 4 pumps out of 16 pumps.  The island closest to the store was not prepay until a few years ago.  My dad ran a service station in the early 70’s and even back then the margin on the gas was only a few cents, if you did not do oil changes and things you did not make money.  Today the margin on gas is still only a few cents, the station needs to sell the pop, junk food and other things to make money.   A few drive offs and there goes your profit for the month.

The attendant had been almost killed trying to stop someone from driving off with out paying, he said that a person had been killed in British Columbia trying to stop a drive off.

The attendant had been trying to stop a small import pickup from driving off.  Since it was a small pickup there was no more than $ 20 to $ 30 worth of gas at stake.

What has our country came to that people will try and kill someone for $ 30 of gas?

What have we came to that we can’t be trusted to pay for the gas we put in our vehicle?


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