Popcorn-bottleBought some popcorn the other day.  I had a coupon from my new popcorn popper so I decided to give gold old Orville a try.  Yes I know he has been dead for quite a while and I suspect he sold out well before his death.  He did have decent popcorn way back when.

So down to the grocery store I went and grabbed a bottle of Orville Redenbacher’s Original Gourmet Popping Corn.

I get the bottle home and turn it over and looked at the bottom and found a great big hole in it holds a couple of scoops of popcorn, made the bottle look like it had a lot more popcorn in it than it really did.  Yet another shrinking container (check out the small yogurt containers with the bottom pushed way up to make the container look bigger).  I am sure that some packaging engineer will point out that this bottom recess makes shipping more efficient by having the bottles nest better and use the space in the box, but then so would a square container.

So chalk another one up to deceptive packaging.


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