Used Soap Chips

Soap ChipsUsed Soap Chips, the by product of our society and us keeping clean.  Recently someone called into a radio station so proud of their use of soap chips.  They chopped them up into small pieces, put them in a soap bottle with a couple of marbles they probably stole from their kids, added hot water, shook, let sit for a few days, and shook the bottle again bunch more and Viola – almost instant liquid soap.

Another person had some sort of mesh plastic Seen on TV bag thing that you put the soap chips in and then scratched your skin with the plastic thing when you wanted to lather up.

Then there was the knit bag given by an older relative that you put the soap chips into and then used the bag to lather up, at least this should not scratch.  I do wonder about leaving a wet rag around all the time to build up soap scum on.

And then there was the engineer that built a super duper hydraulic soap chip compressor to bond the soap chips together.  What I can’t figure out is how they got enough enough soap chips to compress in the soap chip compressor machine.  Must have cleaned out all the soap chips in the neighborhood.

I can’t figure out why anyone has soap chips they need to worry about.  When my bars of soap get to the soap chip size I just stick them to the next bar of soap and keep on going.  It has been decades since I had a soap chip to worry about.  The stick the soap chip to the full sized bar works on oval soap bars as well as rectangular soap bars.  The soap chip will bend down and blend into the bar it is stuck onto.

So I remain confused about the soap chips.  Oh well, such is life I guess.

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