Street Parking in Seattle

Street Parking in Seattle on a hill

Street Parking in Seattle on a hill.

No I don’t think parking on the diagonal is what the City of Seattle Streets Department had in mind here.  This was observed a few days ago in the neighborhood.

The street is a bit steep and the driver (or car) backed over the curb and stopped up against the tree.  No snow or ice the night before to blame things on.  I am sure there is a real logical reason for parking this way.

This is a time honored way however in some areas of keeping a vehicle from rolling down the hill.  Many people I know carry a large block of wood in the truck if the brakes don’t work all that well or they want to be safe (take a look at tank trucks and the such when they are unloading, many will have chocks for the wheels even when they are on level ground).

I hope the tree was not damaged.


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