Left Over Pizza

Left Over Pizza

Left Over Pizza

What is the big deal about left over Pizza?

I was out getting a slice of pizza and a cup of soup at the Central Market Deli in North Seattle yesterday.

I got to the Deli about 10 minutes before they closed.  I noticed that they had several pizzas that they would probably not sell all of the pieces.

Got me to wondering what they did with the left over pizza slices.  When I ask, they said that they gave the left over pizza slices to a group that took the pizza slices to a homeless camp, so it was nice to know the left over pizza did not go to the compost pile like they used to.

So lets give a Good Job to the Central Market for a small act of kindness to people less fortunate than themselves.  Before the store closed their sister store the Greenwood Market gave a lot of food to one of the local food banks and had a collection tub for the food bank by the front door of the store.  I always saw something in the collection tub that had been left by the customers.  Yet another small act of kindness by the store and customers, maybe there is hope for the country after all.

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