I have been following The Smart Cookie Cook for some time – found this on July 6 but I wanted to save a link back to this for future reference. Maybe orange Macaroons for Halloween?

Riddle me this: what’s red, white, blue, and coconutty too?

Answer: these Red, White, & Blue Macaroons!

Although coconut macaroons are originally of European origin, I think they’re a great way to celebrate America’s birthday for several reasons. Firstly, American cuisine is founded upon incorporating the best of what other cultures’ cuisines have to offer. Sometimes, we fuse them together or add a bit of American flare. Macaroons are definitely a treat that Americans have taken on. We like them because they’re simple and delicious, two things that Americans love. American cuisine is big on convenience. Therefore, these macaroony cuties are the perfect way to say, “I love the USA!” They’re simple, quick, and adorned with patriotic colors.

I had no idea macaroons were so easy to make until I tried these. I dumped all of the ingredients into a bowl (all of which I already had on hand)…

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