How To Tell If Your Dishes Are Clean


Do you know how to tell if your dishes are really clean?  If not this little gadget, on sale for the bargain basement price of only $ 3.99 (plus tax) will let you know if your dishwasher has really gotten your dishes clean.

I saw this fine gadget recently at my almost local grocery store.

Being a sometimes curious kind of guy I stopped an inspected this closely.  To me “are my dishes clean” made me thing that this would check to make sure the wash water was clean or something like that.  I had a tough time looking for the small micro processor and dirt sensor.

The real secret??


Yes, the “secret” – you put this in the dishwasher and it fills up with water during the dishwashing cycle and you dump out the water out when you take the clean dishes out.

I would have never thought of this great leap forward.  Maybe that is why I have always worked for someone else.

Well – are your dishes really clean?


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