If You’re One of the Dumb-F*cks Who Voted for A Teabagger

I received this during the Primary season from the San Juan Sage back when the Teabaggers were running around the country doing the bidding of their Billionaire Masters and have been slow to post it

O.K., let’s lay it on the line.

The vast, vast majority of human beings are hopeless. The human race is a failed experiment and the sooner it finishes screwing up the planet sufficiently to exterminate itself the better off the rest of the species will be. This foul baboonery has to stop some time and now is as good as any.

The very few of us upright apes who look beyond the next orgasm and the next beer are genetic freaks and have had zero effect on the momentum towards self immolation. I am 68, have no children and am sick and tired of trying to get through people’s impacted ear wax and behavior as moral pygmies. From here until I die I intend to just sit on the edge of the tar pit and wiggle my ears as this wretched mob sinks from sight.

My apologies to the more moral members of the primate family for using their names in vain.

The San Juan Sage

You may quote me freely

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