Bird to the Last Drop # 4

With the holiday and left over season rapidly approaching I thought that I would share with you one of my recipes for left over turkey.  This can also be used with chicken if you want, if you don’t have any left over turkey or chicken you can also use fresh meat.  Seems to me I have also used ham with this recipe in the past also.

This is another one of my “hearty soups” I like soup with a lot of body to it, no thin runny stuff that you can read a newspaper through.  This soup also has vegetables in it – sort of a complete meal and it reheats well.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I and my neighbors have.

Makes approx. 5 servings ???? – 1 cup each ( 2 metal soup ladles )

1      Quart Stock Mix
( 2 cups stock ( Chicken, Vegetable, Mushroom )
( 2 cups water ( or stock )
1    Bouillon Cube ( usually chicken ) Omit Bouillon Cube if using all Stock Mix

3    Cups diced Turkey, Chicken etc
( or 1.4 lbs diced raw meat ( 3 1/2- cups approximately )


1/2    Tsp Old Bay Spice Mix
1/2    Tsp Thyme
1/2    Tsp Salt ( don’t heap )
1/2    Tsp Pepper
1/2    Tsp Johnny’s Seasoning Salt ( or a bit less )

Shake on:

Dried Onion flakes
Dried Parsley

Cook above on low heat – simmer approx. 1 hour


1/2-    Cup ++         Rice
( if using Long Grain Brown Rice add with meat
( takes 45 min to cook ) )

1 to 1 1/2    Cup Frozen Mixed Vegetables
( Vegetables can be tempered at room temperature prior to adding to stock )

3 1/2-    Tsp Corn Starch if a bit thicker mix is desired.
( mix Corn Starch with cold water and add to stock – bring to boil for 2 minutes )

Finish cooking for about 10 minutes at low simmer

I think this started as a recipe from Alton Brown, but I can’t remember what all I changed – but this is the 4th version.

– 30 –

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