Remember When Tarter Sauce…

Tarter Sauce in little cups

Tarter Sauce in little cups

Way back when I was a kid and we would go to a fast food place (back then in the small town I lived in it was Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken)

The various sauce things were in big pump things and you took a few little paper cups and pumped the sauce into the little paper cups.  After several years we had “progress” and advanced to individual servings in plastic cups with a foil seal.

Recently Ivar’s one of the restaurants I eat at from time to time went back to the big pumps with the paper cups and you pump the sauce yourself now.

So nothing new and the circle goes around.  Now however the cups can go into a compost bin to be shredded and made into soil for your garden.  So some progress is being made at keeping things out of the land fill.

One small step for both Ivar’s and the land fill.

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