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Hot Chocolate and Condensed Milk

Hot Chocolate and Condensed Milk

Standard Hot Chocolate brewed with hot water tends to be a bit thin to my tastes.

Many years ago in a different life and a few careers ago, the company I worked for would serve hot chocolate in the evening at the 9 pm mug-up.  Since the plant was cold the hot chocolate was welcome, but the cooks made it literally scalding hot.  A bit too warm to my taste and burning my mouth with the closest hospital about 650 miles away by air, burns did not seem to be the best thing to do.

I would add about a half inch of condensed milk to the cup of hot chocolate, that would cool things down and give the hot chocolate a much richer taste.

So, there are still a few cool days left this year, so the next time you mix some hot chocolate, try adding a bit of condensed milk after you have mixed the chocolate and water.

Hope you like this as much as my friends do.

– m/m –

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