Sometimes an Honest Person

The Shopping Bag

The Shopping Bag

A while back I went grocery shopping I normally take my own bags for putting the groceries in.  Some of the bags I have made myself others I bought at a variety of stores.  I started taking my own bags for groceries and other things many years ago.  Using my own bags really cut down on the pile of paper and plastic bags at home.

This trip I took two or three shopping bags with me to the grocery store.  When I got to the checkout stand and went to hand them my bags it seemed that one of the bags I thought I had brought along was missing.  I was a bit confused as to why one of my bags was missing.

After the groceries were loaded into the bags I headed out to my car with my groceries.

When I got to my car there waiting for me laying in the parking lot a short distance from my car.

I was surprised that the bag was still where I had apparently dropped it and did not notice the missing bag as I went into the store.

Nobody had grabbed the bag – this was in a high traffic area of the parking lot so many people would have walked past the bag.  Yes the bag is a custom bag with colors that are easy to see, so anyone taking the bag would have had a very distinctive and easy to spot bag.

But for whatever the reasons people kindly left the bag for me I was quite happy that there were honest people that left my bag for me to find an hour later when I returned to my car.

So maybe there is hope for society after all.

Thanks all of you that left my bag for me when I returned.

– 30 –

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