Caution Wet Paint

Seattle sidewalks

Caution Wet Paint

A while back I spotted one of my neighbors spray paint can in hand, fan on the sidewalk, no paper under the fans or anything, leaving their mark on the sidewalk for all to see.

Maybe I am old fashioned of maybe just old, but spray paining the sidewalk because someone was too lazy to put down some papers just struck me as a bit odd and rude.  I thought about asking the person what they thought they were doing, but decided to just sort of observe then take the picture (nice things the cell phone with the camera in it)

More Wet Paint

More Wet Paint

Later when that day when I walked by the same spot I found my neighbor had painted a second fan on the sidewalk.

I do need to give her credit there is a certain symmetry to the fans.  So maybe she was after all just part of some Seattle Art For The Masses project.

Me?  I just sort of shake my head each time I walk by.

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