A Republican vision for america – ’20 signs you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid’

The Last Of The Millenniums

ted cruz3

‘If you answered “yes” to more than half of these, it’s time to rethink your political assumptions’.

1. ‘You think Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has it nailed when he tells the Value Voters Summit that the Dems are “feeling the heat” in the shutdown fight’.

2. ‘You think the problem is Ken Cuccinelli isn’t conservative enough’.

3. ‘You think if only the shutdown went on longer the GOP would win this fight’.

4. ‘You think poll numbers showing the plummeting favorability of Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Cruz’s 2-to-1 negatives are “skewed.”

5. ‘You think that if the GOP doesn’t win the shutdown fight it will be because of the mainstream media’.

6. ‘You think Americans want to shut down the government to get rid of Obamacare’.

7. ‘You think the problem is that Cruz didn’t talk long enough or that the media didn’t cover his 21-hour speech fairly’.


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