Mike’s Secret Stew Stuff

This recipe is designed for a 5 quart Crock-Pot.  For stove top cooking a 6 quart pot would be more appropriate.

The flavor is delicate.

Dice everything into the Crock-Pot stirring occasionally to mix ingredients.

A caution about the amount of ingredients, I sometimes add extra, sort of a gosh I really like this type of thoughts.  The problem is that I end up with an extra full Crock Pot.


14 1/2 oz. S&W Ready-Cut Diced Tomatoes (comes pre-diced)or 1lb (2 cups) diced fresh tomatoes
2 cups water (you don’t need to dice the water)

dice all the following ingredients

2 carrots
8 oz. Snap Peas
0.8 lb. Potatoes
4 stalks celery (don’t use the white part of the stalk, it tastes bitter)
1 lb fresh sliced Mushrooms
1 green Bell Pepper
2  3 oz. bottles Bacon Bits or 8 oz. diced ham (ham is cheaper)
2 lb. lean beef –

Spices & Seasoning

All scoops are for a spoon ” 1/4t – 1.2ml” what ever the heck size that is.

2 Pepper
7 Salt
1 minced dried Onions
1 Paprika
7 dried Parsley
2 Accent (optional)
Just a light dusting of Chile Pepper

After combining all ingredients and stirring the stew will be heaping above the top of the crock pot.  Sort of squish everything down

Ham can also be used in place of beef but reduce the salt to almost zero and salt at the end to taste.

Cook for an appropriate length of time for your Crock-Pot.

Makes 4+ quarts
Number of servings??  4 maybe

This is a good recipe to prepare overnight and take out of the refrigerator in the morning to start cooking.

If you don’t want to eat leftover stew every night for a week or more, either make half the recipe and use a smaller Crock-Pot or freeze the leftovers in single size portions.

– m / m –


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