Support Your Local Little Free Library

Little Local Library near Alki in West Seattle

Little Local Library near Alki in West Seattle

Little neighborhood library’s are sprouting up all over the Seattle area.

Some are part of the Little Free Library network a Worldwide Movement to Take a Book / Return a Book as a way of spreading and sharing books with anyone.

Many of the little library’s I have seen are not part of the official Little Free Library but seem to have been put up by a homeowner out by the sidewalk.

One note, while the Little Free Library and the related Neighborhood Free library’s put up by homeowners are relatively new, most marinas that have liveaboard’s have long had a bookshelf somewhere to let people share books with each other.  Boats have a very limited space and books can quickly take up a lot of room.  Also many boaters are on a limited budget so being able to trade a few books can save them a lot of money over the years as well as space on their boats.

So, do you have some extra books sitting around and a bit of wood to build your own library?  It’s green, and you can share a book with someone that maybe can’t afford even a used book, and maybe someone will leave that great book for you to read that you never heard of.

– M / M –

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