Voting In The Rain

Voting In The Rain, A Supermarket parking lot, Seattle, King County, Washington State

Voting In The Rain, A Supermarket parking lot, Seattle, King County, Washington State

With voter suppression and election fraud being committed on a massive scale by a few rich billionaires and their army of mindless drones, I was happy to see this ballot drop off booth to help voters cast their ballots.

King County has set up several temporary ballot drop off points in the Seattle area to help voters drop off their ballots.  This was set up in a rainy Supermarket parking lot in North Seattle.

Yes it was raining and the wind was blowing but Andrew and Tish were in great spirits and were taking pride in their job.  When a vehicle would drive up one of them would run out and take the ballot from the voter and put the ballot in the Drop Off Box, so the voter did not need to get out of their vehicle and get wet.

Hats off to King County and the Election Workers for making it easier for voters to vote, even in the rain.

Update: King Country has a spot on the outside mailer for your phone number or email (optional if you want) in case there is a problem with your signature!!  Think the King County really wants your vote to count?  I do.

Update 2: Dropped off my ballot on election day, they were having a ballot dropped off every 10 seconds or so.  Cars & trucks pulling up on two sides of the tent.

Update 3: A friend just called, he had dropped his ballot off at the Ballard Library and said there was a line just to drop the ballots in the ballot box, he said he had never seen a line there before.

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